IELTS Preparation

This course aims to prepare the participants for the IELTS Academic Examination.

Course Curriculum

The course is divided into 2 levels, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. Both courses will cover the components tested in the IELTS exam such as Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The Intermediate level focuses on building a strong foundation in the various academic skills needed by its participants to face the exam. The Upper Intermediate Level will provide reinforcement for the skills learnt in the previous level. In addition, advanced skills will be taught to the participants to supplement their learning experience. Furthermore, the instructors will provide various exam tips and run exam simulations with the participants to show them what they will face in the exam.


The course will run for a period of 8 weeks from Monday to Friday every week. There will be a total of 80 contract hours between the participants and the instructor for each level.


The participants are expected to have at least an Intermediate level of proficiency in the English Language. Students studying in the LEA will have to complete Level 7 and above in the English Enrichment Program to be eligible for this course.


 Facilities Fee  RM     60  (USD   20)            
 Registration  RM   150  (USD   50)
 Tuition Fee (per level)  RM  1800  (USD 600)
 IELTS Examination  RM   750  (USD 193)