LEA English Centre offers various corporate training courses to cater to the needs of our prospective clients by customizing our courses.
LEA delivers its Corporate Training Courses with a structure which is designed and certified to meet ISO quality standards. The centre’s training methodology is very much places emphasis on developing and empowering practical skills, and its courses are delivered by talented and experienced trainers using high-quality course material, well-structured exercises and real-world project work. That calls for training that not only equips the student with the right set of skills but also one that prepares them with a positive attitude and an international outlook. At LEA we believe that instead of viewing obstacles as threats, the students look upon them as challenges and learn to thrive in unpredictable real working environments. In addition, one of the objectives of corporate training is to encourage group work, at LEA we believe that student centred learning is more effective and beneficial.

LEA designs and offers many English Programmes to suit the needs of the students and clients alike. These courses include:

Social English Language Skills
Customer Service
Report Writing
Phonetic Learning
Presentation Skills
Professional Communication in Hospitality & Tourism
Professional Communication for Legal Purposes
Professional Communication for Healthcare Practitioner
Professional Communication for Medical Purposes

In dedication to provide local businesses with high quality English Language training, the tailor-made “English for Corporate Training” covers courses such as Corporate Skills and Business English intended to prepare participants for a career in the real business industry or even for those who are already in the business world who are keen to improve their language proficiency in the business industry. Designed and constructed around the most recent ideas in the business world, this task-based course caters for a wide variety of needs involving different interest areas, specialization and work skills. Besides that, the Business Oral Communication Skills is offered to make participants able to converse well with customers, clients and co-workers in English and solve business related problems with a systematic approach. Different from our Business English Course, The Business Oral Communication focuses mainly on the verbal aspect of communication.
LEA has established various partnerships with a number of reputable organizations because by collaborating with prominent companies locally and globally, we believe that the vision shared by both parties is achieved. In line with its corporate vision of becoming one of the global players in corporate training fields, LEA has established partnership with a range of both international and Malaysian companies. The elite group of clientele includes companies such as Petronas, IDP Education Australia, Khazanah Nasional, Malaysian Airlines System (MAS), Radicare Group, KFM Solutions, Deloitte Malaysia and SIDC (Malaysian Securities Commission). The centre also has already created waves in countries such as Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Korea. LEA is widely recognized as an emerging global brand name that has given corporate training new perspectives, new focus and new directions.

HRDF Programmes

All our Corporate Training Programmes are registered under the Ministry of Human Resources specifically for the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) and these courses are 100% claimable. We can assure you that these are significantly interactive programmes with emphasis on seminars, group activities, discussions, role play and also including videos that place importance on creative, innovative practices relevant to the context of interaction.