LEA Corporate Training’s Customer Service Communication Course is designed thoroughly to provide a strong foundation for excellent quality customer service in any industries. This course focuses on strategies and skills on building life – long customer relationships by developing valuable and effective customer – care strategies. Other than that, the modules offered also use various hands – on and interactive scenarios to develop foundation for customer care skills needed to provide excellence in service.


  • To ensure participants identify and understand the needs and expectation of internal and external customers
  • To read various customer behaviours and make adjustments to communication based on those behaviours
  • To present their company in a positive manner
  • To equip participants with the skills required to confidently manage high level of customer service.
  • To develop a greater understanding of their own behaviour and explore the effect it may have on others.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • be able to be attentive in handling customers
  • be able to show gesture of generosity
  • be able to provide courteousness
  • appreciate the importance of the customer to an organization
  • develop a customer oriented quality service consistent with best practice and standards
  • identify communication skills essential for person to person interface
  • identify relevant communication skills required to meet different needs
  • adopt their own communication style that will help build rapport with the customer and show empathy for the customer’s situation
  • learn to ask probing questions to help establish exactly what the customer wants

Course Content

Module 1
Introduction to Customer Service

Module 2
Customer Service: Communication Skills

Module 3
Customer Analysis: Knowing your Customer

Module 4
Calming Upset Customers

Module 5
Telephone Customer Service

Module 6
Internet Customer Skills

Module 7
Time Management Strategies

Module 8
Stress Management Strategies