The course Phonetics Learning at LEA English Centre establishes participants to the basic and more in depth to the study of phonetics and its terms needed in understanding and explaining the production of speech and sound. This course equips participants with the basic knowledge in understanding of speech sound in term of its form, phonetic transcription and set of symbols needed for transcription of English language.

Our course emphasizes on the importance of acquiring the realistic skill to actually make, hear and differentiate different sounds in English language. Another crucial part of it is that our participants would be able to recognize common pronunciation problems in the English language itself. At LEA, by offering the course, our definite goal is to fully arm participants who enrol with a strong foundation of the study of the speech sound, its patterns and most importantly to ensure they master the element of transcription in the production of speech.


As mentioned earlier, the main goal of the course is to equip participants with a strong foundation in studying the production of speech sounds and patterns in English language. Participants will be exposed to the various types of phonetic categorization of the speech sounds. With this, participants would be able to identify and understand how sounds are produced and then learn to explain and categorize them. The main skill needed by the participants is to listen attentively to sounds and they should be able to identify and point out the differences in sounds and pronunciations.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to
  • classify the technical terms required to describe speech
  • recognise manner of articulation
  • recognise the symbols in transcription process
  • demonstrate sounds represented by IPA symbols.
  • differentiate between English consonants & vowels
  • provide single phonetic characteristics
  • differentiate between British and American pronunciation.
  • provide accurate broad transcription of connected,
  • provide accurate narrow transcription of connected speech.
  • Identify and correct specific pronunciation problems.
  • apply basic phonological rules for English consonant allophones.
  • identify simple phonological processes, assimilation, deletion, insertion.
  • describe and label simple waveforms
  • identify common occurring vowels and consonants
Package Includes:
  • English Placement Test
  • Training handouts and materials
  • Certificate from LEA English Centre
  • Progress Report
  • Feedback Sessions with organization
  • Post Training Analysis

Instructional Goals

Participants are expected to apply these three kinds of abilities which are:
  1. Precise and correct phonetic transcription
  2. Understand the knowledge of facts
  3. Explain and apply all the concepts learn
Course Content
  • Articulatory phonetics
  • Phonology and phonetic transcription
  • The consonants of English
  • Non English consonants
  • Non English sounds
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Course Assessment
  • Portfolios
  • Individual presentations
  • Quizzes
  • Examinations