Professional Communication For Healthcare Practitioner

The LEA English Centre’s Professional Communication for Healthcare Practitioner provides students or participants with the vital and necessary skills to enhance the productivity in accomplishing their assigned duties and tasks efficiently. This mainly includes the use of the appropriate English language in the field of nursing. Primarily and professionally designed for the participants to be able to practise the theory and practical skills in the real situations, the programme focuses on various crucial skills namely writing and communication skills. Apart from that, this program also focuses on enhancing and widening explicit language skills that crucially needed in the nursing field. Our course aims at strengthening vocabulary, writing, listening, reading, speaking that often mandatory not only in the nurse training programs but also the real world of the job scope itself. With that, more attention will be projected to advance the participants competency in real social situations, understand information and instructions and most importantly convincingly and efficiently to get jobs done be in theory or practical learning situations.


The English for Nursing at LEA English Centre concentrates on enhancing and building up basically the communication skills for the participants to interact in real life social situations. Apart from that, the programme is designed in assisting the participants in making and comprehending texts and formats in the relevant field of the nursing industry, giving and receiving information in managing and performing tasks and duties as a nurse by using the proper English. At LEA English Centre where clients are our priority, we will fully ensure interactive and fun activities are carried out such as role-playing and real life scenarios based activities in conducting the programme.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • Not only build but enhance the confidence and fluency in English language while performing duties and tasks
  • Master sufficient related vocabulary in providing relevant medical, health care in the nursing industry
  • Able to construct, master, understand and use proper English grammar structure – both written and spoken
  • Enhance communication skills with fellow colleagues, nurses, patients and basically anyone in the hospital environment
Some of the contents that will be covered are:
  • Patient admissions
  • Respiratory problems
  • Wound care
  • Diabetes care
  • Medical specimens
  • Medications
  • Intravenous infusions
  • Pre
  • Post
  • Discharge planning