Professional Communication For Legal Purposes

Professional Communication for Legal Purposes at LEA English Centre is designed for anyone in the field of law who wants to improve and enhance their proficiency in communicating and writing in English language. Without a proper mastery of the English language, the students of law will lose the basic principal job of a lawyer which is the vital part for them to communicate and persuade. In a profession where clarity, precision and conciseness are their main weapon, accurate usage of English is highly demanded and needed.

Apart from that, the course aims to advance the English language skills related to legal context. Anyone who signs up with us will get the chance to learn to read and understand not only letters and essay but also various legal texts such as articles and legal correspondence. We do offer listening skills to our participants through variety of listening exercises such as presentations, lectures and interviews. As for the speaking skills, this can be achieved through group discussions, presentations, interviews, and role plays based on real life scenarios.

Just to give a little preview about the course, some of the legal terminology that the participants might encounter throughout the course is such as civil law, commercial law, property law, criminal law and so on.

Who should attend this course?

This course is targeting law students and professionals in the field of law itself whose intention is to increase and enhance the command of English language in general and legal writing in particular.


  • Listening: participants acquire the skills needed to attend lectures and seminars where English is spoken.
  • Reading: participants have developed skill in reading authentic, academic legal texts; they are able to apply different reading techniques.
  • Speaking: participants are able to participate in class discussions and give short oral presentations on legal topics; they are also able to describe their life as a Law student.
  • Writing: participants are able to write letters and memos’s on a legal topic in grammatically and stylistically correct English.

Course Structure and Content

Introduction: Writing in Plain English
  • Basics of Grammar & Terminology
  • Fundamentals of Usage
  • The Writing Process: How To Write With Precision And Clarity
  • Sentences
  • Paragraphs
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Pronunciation
  • Demystefying Legal Words & Phrases
Kindly take note that this course is fully tailor – made according to our clients’ requests and needs. The course content may vary from time to time.