Professional Communication In Hospitality & Tourism

The LEA English Centre’s Professional Communication in Hospitality & Tourism is exclusively designed for those who need to enhance and advance their English skills in the field of the hospitality and tourism surroundings. In the industry where English is widely used, it is very important to master the proper use of the language. At LEA English Centre, we are committed in ensuring the target standards are achieved. Not only that, we provide a very conducive language learning environment for our clients. In order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, the course is designed focusing on collection of topics and skills such as the application of grammar, vocabulary and professional communication skills which are interrelated to the authentic scenarios of the target industry. This course is fully customised by our qualified trainers particularly for those who work in the hotel and tourists industries. Also, this course opens to anyone who wishes to venture into hospitality management and tourism industry whether in Malaysia or around the world. The aspects and scopes of language learning have been carefully chosen which would target specially on the functions of the language itself. These would include the art of suggesting, requesting, asking questions, refusing, confirming just to name a few. Building confidence especially in communication is our main concern in tailoring and delivering the course especially when participants dealing with customers. Each and every participant would definitely get a chance to learn and master the theories and practical aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Who should attend this course?

We are targeting junior executives, personal assistants, sales and marketing people, and those who want to improve and widen their use of the English language in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to be able to use proper language in handling various contexts of situations that they might come across in the field of hospitality and tourism. Plus, participants will also obtain knowledge of vocabulary needed in both spoken and written communication when dealing professionally with clients.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • Expand their practical skills of understanding in the field of hospitality and tourism concepts
  • Expand listening skills that require when listening for information and key words
  • Expand their communication skills and mastering vital phrases in the field of hospitality and tourism
  • Improve the use of the English language confidently in term of fluency
  • Use grammatical structure precisely
  • Widen the existing vocabulary in the target field
  • Enhance communication skills with potential customers, clients and colleagues in English

Course Structure and Content

Written Communication
  • Review of basic sentence structure and parts of speech
  • Review of tenses and relating them to writing in context
  • Common mistakes in writing
  • Writing effective reports and letters
  • Writing e-mails and memos
  • Integrating vocabulary and grammar into writing for hospitality and tourism
  • Writing of minutes
  • Writing for advertising and promotions
Package Includes:
  • English Placement Test
  • Training handouts and materials
  • Certificate from LEA English Centre
  • Progress Report
  • Feedback Sessions with organization
  • Post Training Analysis
Oral Communication
  • Formal English vs. Informal English
  • Spoken English mistakes made commonly
  • Case Studies
  • Customer service skills
  • Conflict resolution and negotiating skills
  • Speaking to clients professionally
  • Conducting successful presentations
  • Customer service - Dealing with complaints
  • Telephoning skills
  • Checking, clarifying and problem solving
  • Making arrangements
  • Taking and leaving messages
  • Negotiating Skills