Report Writing

The LEA English Centre’s Report Writing Course is a tailor – made course for anyone or professionals who wish to empower and improve their effective report writing and communication skills for studies or business. This course is carefully designed and made to meet ones’ specific needs. Almost all in business operations and studies too, reports play a crucial part because through report people will understand and be able to follow instructions on what need to be act upon right after they get the report. Due to busy schedule everyday and have too much paperwork to read and attend to us alas often has no time to read lengthy reports.

This programme covers detailed aspects of how to compile and write a technical report. This course will also give participants a systematic approach to technical reports through correct language use and format. We also give our participants the best possible way to write clear, concise and logically structured reports in minimal time.

Who should attend this course?

This course is for anyone who produces reports in their work field and studies too and needs them to be able to convey clear messages for others to understand and act upon.


By the end of the course, participants will not only be able to communicate effectively but will also be able to write concise business correspondence professionally and confidently. Participants are encouraged to apply any business knowledge and experience that they might have as they work through their course materials. This course will prepare participants to communicate more effectively with their clients and also within the organization.

Participants will learn how:
  • to examine the different report types used
  • to efficiently and successfully plan and structure technical reports
  • to ensure reports are chronological, coherent and easy to read
  • to have a clear understanding of the different sections within a report
  • to be able to clearly analyse results and write recommendations
Course Content
  • Introduction
  • Basic principles of the writing process
  • The 7 effective writing principles
  • How to plan and write the report
  • Written guidelines
  • Polishing a report
  • Report writing assignment
Package Includes:
  • English Placement Test
  • Training handouts and materials
  • Certificate from LEA English Centre
  • Progress Report
  • Feedback Sessions with organization
  • Post Training Analysis