LEA Partnership

When you are looking for a sound investment opportunity, it is always wise to consider seriously one that involves an organisation with a proven track record. The London English Academy is such an investment opportunity. It is backed by an established educational institution with a proven successful track record.

This means that when you invest in a London English Academy’s franchise, you can expect excellent returns with minimum downsides. You can also look forward to steady monthly revenues so that you do not need to keep putting money into the business. You can rely on the expertise of the Academy to continuously develop new products to keep your business up-to-date and relevant. Along with these things, you will get to enjoy all the usual benefits a successful international franchise can offer.


Its mission is to provide a consistently high standard of delivery of the English education at reasonable costs.

The pressing need for English language education was first realised in the United Kingdom, home of the English language, when foreign workers started looking for good schools that taught the language. Initially there were not many schools that offered a consistent standard of teaching. Over time, there was a growing realisation and need to deliver a high standard, quality and consistent teaching of the English Language.

Why should there be a focus on the English language?

  1. The English language is most commonly used for communications between countries in the world. Its importance as the language of communication continues to grow all the time.
  2. In the current global economy, the use of English is almost indispensable. Why should I invest in a franchise to start an English language school?
  3. People are more acutely conscious of the need for education in general, and the ability to communicate professionally and competently, particularly in English.
  4. Predictable consistency in delivering quality in English language teaching and learning
  5. Quality academic materials, training and development programmes, marketing and management kits, a set of standard operating procedures, new products development and consulting services.
  6. Benefits derived from its brand marketing – higher perceived value, shared cost of advertising and other brand building activities. As with all excellent investments, timing is everything! To optimise returns, invest early.

*Not applicable in UK & Malaysia