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Programme under LEA Fast Track is a NEW METHODOLOGY designed to save cost and time for students and parents.



This course is specially designed for students who are preparing for O’ Level, UEC or SPM. This course will help students improve their English and how to tackle the exam questions.

Our aim for this course is to help the students use English more fluently and effectively. They will be given vast opportunities to utilise the language skills acquired in a positive and conducive environment. And this will help the students not only speak fluently but to read, write and improve their listening and speaking skills with confidence.



Students who are taking UEC/ O’Level/ SPM



This course aims:

• To engage secondary school students’ interest and imagination in learning the English language

• To enable secondary school students to use English in all skills with confidence

• To make learning enjoyable in a stimulated environment

• To prepare secondary school students for their major examinations


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