LEA Corporate Social Responsibility

LEA Foundation
“…we are glad and blessed to be able to share our knowledge with those in less fortunate situations..
From improvement on our services and programmes, to helping the communities around us, we continue to seek out ways to
enrich the lives of those around us….”

Jerold Yap, Managing Director of LEA

LEA’s goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company to the society environment and stakeholders. It also cultivates and promotes the positive character amongst students and stakeholders of LEA to become a socially responsible people through Education.

CSR has been in LEA’s yearly agendas to make sure stakeholders of LEA will contribute back to the people and communities. In the journey to make sure the company grows, LEA embarks on a journey to touch the lives of community who are needy such as old folks, underprivileged children, orphanages, and disables.

At LEA, we believe that we can change people’s life.
We hope there will be more companies and individuals who will stand up for these communities. Together we make a better place.