The LEA Team


LEA Corporate Social Responsibility

“…we are glad and blessed to be able to share our knowledge with those in less fortunate situations.. From improvement on our services and programmes, to helping the communities around us, we continue to seek out ways to enrich the lives of those around us….” Jerold Yap, Managing Director of LEA LEA’s goal of CSR […]

Student’s Testimonial

What others have to say about LEA English Centre. These are our students testimonial. For us to improve ourselves continuously, we open our ears to our students.


The University Partner

LEA English Centre is recognized by many reputable institutions in Malaysia. LEA level 10 can be used as direct entry qualification to enter Diploma/ Degree and even Master level.                                                      […]

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia has become an education hub for people around the world. One of the main attractions of studying in Malaysia is the relatively afforable fees and living expenses – certainly when compared to countries like the UK and US. But Malaysia is much more than just a budget option. All education institutions in Malaysia are closely […]

The Managing Director

LEA Managing Director

With several departments under us. LEA Education is quickly becoming one of the leading companies in Southeast Asia. We have investments in the United Kingdom, China, Indonesia and Korea as well as established partnerships with companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I.R. Iran, Kazakhstan and Yemen. Human Capital, Financial Capital, Intellectual Capital and Social […]