Business English

BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSE LEA English Centre’s Business English course is geared towards business-minded individuals who wish to improve their language skills and writing on a variety of levels.  This course will focus on an assortment of topics that essential for today’s business environment. Learning outcomes Not only will students learn the skills that are essential […]

Summer Programme

The LEA Summer Programme is opened to students from middle to high school who wish to experience a holiday of wonders and to study  in Malaysia. Through this programme, the students will experience the wonders of Malaysia while they study English in Malaysia. Our classes cover the various language skills required to master the English […]

English Enrichment Programme

The ‘English Enrichment programme’ is an intensive multi level programme, which immerses students in an interactive, lively and motivating environment. Through a systematic, modular approach to language learning, our students are exposed to all aspects of language learning. Particular attention is paid to grammar, vocabulary development, pronunciation, and the skills of reading, writing, listening and […]

IELTS Preparation

World recognized examination – IELTS can be taken at LEA English Centre. IDP also recognized LEA as IELTS test venue. Students can choose IELTS preparation course or taking IELTS exam at LEA. This course aims to prepare the participants for the IELTS Academic Examination. Course Curriculum The course is divided into 2 levels, Intermediate and […]