The Managing Director

LEA Managing Director

With several departments under us. LEA Education is quickly becoming one of the leading companies in Southeast Asia. We have investments in the United Kingdom, China, Indonesia and Korea as well as established partnerships with companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I.R. Iran, Kazakhstan and Yemen.

Human Capital, Financial Capital, Intellectual Capital and Social Capital have always been the four main pillars of our growth and success. We are now looking towards Capital Innovation to strengthen the company in its micro administration and dealings.

Our mission is to strengthen our worldwide position through shared values and strategic investments in our brand, people and products and this underlines our commitment to continuously improve our shareholders’ returns on investment. We take this opportunity to thank our shareholders for their belief in us.

We are aware of the high responsibility that comes with being an educationist. It is our mission not only to help students from all over the world to realize their dreams, but also to ensure that they are trained to be an asset to whatever organization they may join in the future. Therefore, we are ready to do our part by ensuring the highest standards in all we do.

It is my privilege to work with a great team of partners: colleagues and staff, associates, suppliers, clients, other companies. LEA Education has a team of young talents who together make this company a vibrant place bubbling with great new ideas. The words that always come to mind when I think of them are: ‘Energetic’, ‘Creative’, and ‘Fun to work with’. I find their enthusiasm infectious and invigorating! As a team, we are indeed proud to be able to contribute towards society in particular and nation building in general.