The General English Full-Time Course (GEFT) is a full-time course that offers classes from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate levels. These courses are designed to equip students with the English Language skills necessary for work, travel, academic study or personal improvement.

All the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are covered with a focus on real-life English communication skills. In addition, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are taught in expressive and more engaging ways.


Students in the programme are streamed into one of the ten levels. To join our Intensive English Programme (IEP), you need to sit for English Placement Test to confirm your current level of English language ability. Each level covers 5 hours a day, 100 hours over 4 weeks:


Part of Intensive English Class activities

Our IEP (Intensive English Programme) is a starting point to develop English proficiency skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Students from all over the world and regions gather at LEA (London English Academy). This offers students the opportunity to meet and make new friends from various nationalities while learning English.

Because our students are from various backgrounds and languages, English is the only medium of communication. Hence, it’s an ideal environment to practice and improve their English.

Students are required to join our skills class in which they are able to build their confidence, express their opinions and practice their English communicative skills.


Monday - Friday

Intensive English Program are conducted every day except for weekends and public holidays

100 Hours Learning Per Month

Students are learning English for 100 hours in each month. Any additional learning platform prepared for students is a bonus.

5 Hours a Day

5 contact hours per day. Students might be in LEA more than that as there are several breaks in between.


Once student reach LEA Level 7 and above in our Intensive English Programme, student can sit in for IELTS Preparatory Course and plan for their IELTS Examination. The details of IELTS can be refer to this.