English Level

Upper-intermediate level of English or above


Intensive English Programme at LEA of a minimum of 2 months.


The LEA Internship Program provides a unique opportunity to discover something new about yourself and the world of work. We provide participants with internship placements that lead to professional and personal growth for better career prospects.

LEA and your host organisation will create a training plan and allocate a mentor so you, the participant, will get the most out of your internship and Malaysian experience.

Why do the LEA Workplace Internship?

• Put theory-based learning into practice in a professional Malaysian workplace
• Add value to your Curriculum Vitae and improve employability
• Develop an in-depth understanding of Malaysian workplace culture
• Improve workplace communication skills
• Develop practical skills
• Obtain employment references
• Improve English language proficiency

Internship Specialisations:

• Business administration
• Web design
• Marketing
• Events
• Tourism
• Logistics
• Finance
• Human resources
• Information Technology
• Accounting
• Community service
• and more...

Internship location

We can arrange an internship for you in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya.


All internships are unpaid. Once you have completed your internship, there is a possibility that your host organisation will offer you a real job.