LEA (Mantin)

LEA-Mantin has a university environment which is just outside the city, about 40 minutes away. The school is surrounded by mountains and forest which are well known for their majestic and sprawling beauty.

Our students have access to a variety of facilities around the school. Some facilities are to be used during lessons, others to be used when relaxing after class.

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We fully understand that the quality and location of accommodation are extremely important factors in making sure your study abroad experience is as enjoyable as possible. In fact, we believe that your choice of accommodation is just as important as your choice of English language school!

LEA Facilities

Computer Lab - We have a computer centre with PCs for students to use. All computers have free access to the internet and support for different languages. The school also has free WiFi access if students prefer to use their mobile or iPad.

Classroom and Auditorium - They are all comfortably furnished and equipped for teaching.

Library - Our library and study centre provides opportunities for students to study during their free time. Books, graded readers and study materials are all available for the students to use free of charge.

Cafeteria - The cafeteria provides very tasty and well-priced food and drinks during the day. It is also used for many social functions at the school and is a place where students can relax and meet friends.

Convenience store - For the convenience of students, there is a store open throughout the day along with a general store that sells almost all necessities needed by the students.





There are seating areas around the school and a garden where you can relax with friends, find a quiet place or just enjoy the sun. The school has a basketball for students as well.

Exploring Mantin is a nature rich enjoyable pursuit. There are many popular hiking sites in Mantin, you will be sure enjoy the nature.

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MUET Preparation Programme
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Download Intake and Fees

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