MUET Preparation Course

English language acts as a medium to achieve an effective communication and its usage is especially important in the Malaysian education system. In order to continue their journey on tertiary education, students must be initially assessed in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) on their English proficiency and language ability. The test is primarily designed to ensure they meet the entry requirement of pre-university. MUET comprises of the four language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. The recorded assessment will be calculated based on the aggregated score in the range of 0 to 300, and listed according to the band system ranging from Band 1 to Band 6. MUET will not only raise awareness on the importance of English but it also acts as an important milestone to be achieved by potential candidates to embark on a new journey in life.

Our MUET Preparation Course will groom candidates in the four focus of the course including listening, reading, writing and speaking with complete guidance from our line of experienced and professional teachers to equip students with MUET preparation. Candidates will be continuously assessed by an array of mock tests and are given their current band scores to overcome their weaknesses and make necessary improvements before the actual assessment. LEA English Centre uses the latest method and subject syllabus to ensure completeness in guidance.

By taking this course you will:

• Understand the MUET exam structure
• Learn exam taking skills to boost your score
• Learn how to manage your time effectively during the MUET exam
• Improve listening, reading, and writing skills
• Sit for a mock exam to get you used to an exam-condition environment
• Improve speaking fluency and accuracy
• Learn vocabulary specific to typical test themes
• Improve knowledge of grammar, functions, register and discourse
• Utilize practical test strategies including pre-reading, organization and timing
• Improve overall test-taking skills and test practice

Enrolment Requirements

The candidates will be required to take an English Placement Test (EPT) to determine their current proficiency in English and to make sure the process of learning English at LEA begins at the level most suited to them.

4 Levels Available
• Beginner
• Elementary
• Intermediate
• Upper-intermediate

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Muet Preparation Course