Part Time English Course

Part Time English Enrichment Programme is an intensive multi-level programme specifically catered to the needs of working adults. The English language learning process will follow through a systematic and modular approach to allow our part-time students be exposed to all aspects of language learning. Particular attention is paid to grammar, vocabulary development, pronunciation, and the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The courses are designed to provide the students with maximum exposure to English through authentic, interesting and current subject matter.

Who should attend the Programme?

This Part Time English Enrichment Programme is specifically designed and catered for working adults who wish to reach the top notch level in mastering English language, be it written or spoken.

Learning Outcome (s):
By the end of the programme, students should be able to:?

1. Comprehend the target language, English both written and spoken
2. Master the language, written and spoken
3. Apply the language in their daily life and work environment too.

Programme Structure and Content

The ‘Part Time English Enrichment Programme’ is based around the ‘Cutting Edge’ series of language learning materials. It provides the students with an intensive, yet enjoyable learning experience. Key course material will be researched and prepared carefully by our instructors using an extensive library of current teaching materials which further enhances the student learning experience.

Before any student joins one of our classes, they are carefully tested by our instructors in placement test to know their current level so that the appropriate level of study may be assigned to them. Our programme progress through five levels (2 months per level) of academic study from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Upper – Intermediate’. Within each level, students are formally tested twice in order to monitor students’ progress and eligibility for progression to the next level of study. The students are to consult their respective instructors on the exam dates.

The table below clearly explains the levels that are offered under the Part Time English Enrichment Programme.

Level   Level Description
 1  Beginner
 2 Elementary
 3  Pre-Intermediate
4 Intermediate
5 Upper-Intermediate

The Classes

Our students attend 4 sessions per week. The classes run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. At LEA, we give our students the flexibility to attend any TWO of the four sessions at their own convenience. In addition to these hours of intensive study, students are encouraged to use our interactive learning facilities for a period of self study each day. We also have the Skills Class which include lessons on presentation skills, writing workshops, listening and speaking activities.

Students will also be expected to complete homework assignments, which will be set throughout the course. In a typical lesson, students are introduced to key language points in real life contexts. These language points are then developed through carefully structured practice sessions in which the students may be involved in group, pair, or individual work.

We welcome any of you who are passionate in English to our learning centre to learn more and explore how this language could help you in your daily conversations and undertakings!

Part Time English Course

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