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Summer is coming ? Where should we go for our summer camp this year?

I too, can feel the excitement! 

Summer Camp is a popular programme for the past few years amongst parents. Growing up organizing Summer Camp, I can see the difference in leadership between kids who have participated in Summer camps before and first-timers of Summer Camp, especially overseas Summer Camp.

Participants tend to pick up leadership skills such as independent skills, able to manage their money well, communication and socializing skills. 

Kids who participate for their first time tend to complain about the local foods. All they want, is just their home and usual foods. Some are pampered and want the things to be arranged according to their expectation and norms. 

However, once they have experienced living overseas for a few times, they come to their senses. They learn to accept and learn different cultures, try different foods and pick-up some leadership skills.


Is Malaysia a good choice for Summer Camp?

Summer Camp programmes are available in many countries, however Malaysia should be in your bucket list. 

Malaysia is a developing country full of cultural, foods, malls, attractions, places and languages. 

In terms of Education, Malaysia is an Education hub. We have many famous foreign Universities and good local Universities. To know more about Education Malaysia, you can refer to another article STUDY IN MALAYSIA.

As for Attractive places in Malaysia, our tourism is the third biggest contributor to Malaysia’s GDP, after manufacturing and commodities.

In Malaysia, we have mountains, islands, forests, and caves. A country full of natural landscapes.

Redang Island
Redang Island
Taman Negara
Taman Negara
Batu Caves
Batu Caves
Genting Highland
Genting Highland


Find more photos here.


How to consider a good Summer Camp?

A good summer camp covers Education, and it includes some excursions.

The value that Summer Camp should be focusing on is not only classroom Education but also Street Education. Exposure to study abroad life experience and make international friends. In LEA we do International Summer Camp, you will meet classmates from Arab Countries, China, Korea, Japan and etc. Take this opportunity to learn about different cultures in one place. Most importantly, the participants should have fun in their learning process.


How to choose a good Summer Camp School?  

Many parents and agencies are looking for low-cost Summer Camp. They neglect the quality of the Summer Camp. With little budget, the school have a hard time to organize a quality Summer Camp. At the end, the participants had a bad experience in their Malaysia Summer Camp and make a life conclusion that Malaysia is not a good country to live in.

It is so sad to see kids wasting their time and pay for nothing.

To choose a good school for your Summer Camp;

  1. Research about the school – How long the school has been operating? How long have they been organizing Summer Camp? What is their background?
  2. Good reviews – Read their reviews? Better if you can ask your friends who have already experienced and studied in the school before.
  3. Ask for the Summer Camp program in advance – Study their program, what kind of activities have the school arranged? Where are the participants going to stay?
  4. Avoid agency with bad reviews – If you decide to look for Education agency to recommend summer camp for you, you want to ask yourself if this agency is reliable? Some agencies are just focusing on profit. They don’t care if the schools are offering a good or bad Summer Camp.

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