KAIYRKOSSOVA-ELVIRAKazakhstan testimonial photo

"‘It Is Never Too Late To Learn Something New’ Soon I started to attend English learning course in LEA. I improved my English thanks to all the nice teachers and staff at the language school. They helped my life to become more pleasant. Now I am almost one year with a New Zealand based company. Our team is multinational, so English is the only way how to communicate. As everyone can see I did it. I started from zero and now a “hero”; and started a new chapter of my life. I would love to have followers because it is really never too late to start something new, especially learn or improve English in a different country where you are left on your own. Learning English can be so easy and fun !"

Kaiyrkossaova Elvira (Kazakhstan)
Badahdooh-Badr-Abobakr-AhmedYemen Testimonial photo

"My experience at London English Academy so far has been excellent. Not only do I get to learn inside the classroom, but also outside of it. I have been able to meet so many people from different countries. I have already begun to learn two different languages from my new friends; I believe by the time I finish my studies here I will be fluent in at least four!"

Badahdooh Badr Abobakr Ahmed (Yemen)

"I would definitely recommend LEA's English learning course to other international students. With so many people of other nationalities around me I have to speak English, but it’s good because it’s the best way to improve my language skills. Now I have lots of opportunities to have conversations in English and I’m not afraid to talk to people. Thanks to London English Academy, I have made many great friends."

Almutairi, Naif Thaar B (Saudi Arabia)
Yang Ren Xian Testimonial Photo

"At LEA I have learned many different things and have met people from many different countries. My English learning course's classes are really fun and interactive because the lecturers are lively and students love to participate. I have no regrets about choosing London English Academy. I’m sure I will continue to enjoy my time here."

Yang Ren Xian(China)

"Learning English language helps me in many fields in my life. When I studied English at LEA, it helped me to communicate and speak with the others. Also when I finished my English learning course in LEA, I started studying at university and because of my language is very good I am the leader of the international students in my university. I am very appreciate and thank you LEA for everything."

Al-Qudaimi Muneeb Ahmed Mohammed (Yemen)
MATSUMOTO-HINAKO-Japan testimonial photo

"While taking part in LEA’s English Enrichment Programme, I have been able to interact with teachers and students from several different countries. This can help students improve not only their English but also their social skills. The teachers are kind and friendly. They help us build our confidence so we can achieve our highest potential."

Matsumoto Hinako (Japan)

"Studying English at LEA is fun and I’m really enjoying it. The teachers are great and they teach in a way that makes us eager to learn more. I have learnt English in an easy way. This is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. "

Kared Mohamed Amine (Algeria)

"I am so glad to be at LEA. I really like the teachers here. They are really kind and patient. I would like to say thanks to them for teaching me and giving me their best. Everything is great and my English learning course's class is like one big, happy family. Coming here was the best choice."

Zeyad Hossny Sedky Hussein Amr (Egypt)

"The teachers at LEA are friendly and easygoing. They make me feel comfortable and sometimes make me laugh. A good place to easy study English and loving every single minute."

Luo Yingda (China)