Receiving the Best English Centre in Malaysia Award

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Awarded One of The Best English Centres in Malaysia

LEA Awarded as one of the Best English Centres in Malaysia 14th September 2015, in a special Award ceremony organised by the MOE or Ministry of Education, Malaysia; LEA has been awarded the 5-Star Quality Standards Award for Private Education Institutions (SKIPS) or Standard Kualiti Institusi Pendidikan Swasta. The performance of the school was assessed based on the Ministry’s assessment of few criteria including Establishment and Registration, Institutional Management, Curriculum Management, Teaching and Learning, Assessment / Examination Management, Teachers’ Management and Development, Discipline, Standards, Cleanliness and Cheerfulness, International Teaching Management and Quality of Education.

The Ministry of Education’s 5-Star rating is the highest available and is awarded to institutions with especially high results (90 -100%). The SKIPS award reaffirms LEA English Centre as one of the best English language centres in Malaysia. Well Done for making it to the top!

If you would like to know more about LEA, please refer to the page – ‘About us‘.

This is a good move by MOE of Ministry of Education, Malaysia since the higher Education has their own rating system, Setara or MyQuest. MOE has rush all Private institutions like us under language centres, International Schools, Colleges and Universities to take part on the rating system. This is to identify and monitor the standard of Education in Malaysia. This also create a confidence in Public to identify which institution to choose.

What is the difference between SKIPS, MyQuest and Setara Rating?

SKIPS is under the monitoring of Ministry of Education Malaysia (Kementerian Pendidkan Malaysia). It is the system to access the quality of Education for Language school and International schools.

While MyQuest and Setara was introduced by Ministry of Higher Education (Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi Malaysia). Both rantings are for Private institutions (at the moment). The different is MyQuest is designed to cater Private Colleges and Setara is for Universities.


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